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More dull than usual 
14th-Apr-2008 05:21 pm
Roast Beef- Dobler Style
After almost two weeks Microsoft finally updated their RDC app so that it no longer warns that the beta is expiring at the end of last month. Apparently they were spurred to release the intermediate revision when they discovered that people actually used one of the major features of the app and might be disappointed if they dropped it so they could release the next update sooner.

Also, people love to mail things. I never really understood how much people love to mail things until we bought our house. I can be in the room closest to the mailbox at pretty much any hour, and it's a good bet that someone will be mailing something.
14th-Apr-2008 10:32 pm (UTC) - um..
yea you are pretty bored huh.. jk thanks for the info..
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