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Smokin' Inferno

The new smoke detector works much better (in that it does not go off when I'm in the shower). Hooray for modern technology.

This weekend we did some general around the house stuff and tonight it would have been time to mow again, but I got stuck late at work tracking down an eight year old bug.

monstersocks couldn't make it because it was on the late side, but I went out to idundunitagain's 21st birthday party this weekend. As monstersocks pointed out later I was probably the oldest person there by about ten years. It was good to see idundunitagain and ladyslaughter again. I also finally made it to the Block E Gameworks. It didn't seem to have any of the more fancy games they've had at the one in Schaumburg (like the multi-level firefighting game they used to have, or the House of the Dead game where you get flipped back and forth). It's tough to make a case for an arcade these days when they don't even try and deliver experiences you can't get from a home console.

I played a bit more GTA IV this weekend. I still feel like I'm barely scratching the surface of what's there. I just got set up with email in the game and got the Vigilante achievement. Haven't even tried the online play yet. The story is better than any previous GTA game (although I never got around to finishing San Andreas and only finished GTA III, Vice City, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories). I get the feeling that Roman's sudden but inevitable betrayal will mean a lot more than Lance's ever did.
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