Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Happiness Is…


Playing lots of gta iv at home these days. Quite a bit of fun. I like how you have some options in this iteration (choose to execute someone or let them go, pick whose side you will take in a dispute, etc.) I wonder how much influence those decisions will have on the course of the game. The other day I was fooling around and ended up on top of the coffee cup of the Statue of Happiness. Took out a few pigeons but fell to my death while trying to get down. I managed to get one achievement accidentally when I hopped over a fence and suddenly had a four star wanted rating. I ran and ran and eventually got out of it, earning the first new achievement I've picked up in a few days. Given the size of the two islands I've unlocked so far and the number of pigeons I've found, I doubt I'll get much for collecting hidden stuff without hitting the cheat book.

I'm still thinking I'll pick up an iPhone this summer, but I'm a bit disappointed by the pricing changes. I'd rather pay a little more up front and have lower monthly payments, but I guess I'm in the minority. I was expecting my monthly fees to go from $50 with Sprint to $60 with AT&T which wasn't too bad, but now it looks like it's actually going to be $75.

I've been catching up on Metalocalypse lately. I hadn't actually gotten around to trying it out until I got a free demo cd at the mc chris show this spring. Fortunately Adult Swim plays plenty of reruns so it isn't hard to catch up. New Venture Brothers these days too.

Our neglected garden has some strawberries in it. If we weeded who knows what else we might find.
Tags: apple, house, tv, videogames

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