Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Voting Accomplished

I woke up this morning and looked out the window to see a line half a block long at our polling place. The line stayed pretty much the same length each time I looked out (although I was told by one person that at one point it had wrapped back around into the parking lot). Overall voting took about an hour, slightly longer than it needed to because I had to go back home after forgetting my list. There were cookies, water and coffee inside for people waiting in line. I also discovered our wifi signal goes to the front door of the church but doesn't make it inside.

I got the 544th ballot and was 537th to vote. The two guys ahead of me both had their ballots rejected due to over-voting. Not sure what they did wrong, but they went to get replacement ballots. Mine had no trouble. Almost 500 people voted between monstersocks and me.

Posting the Halloween pictures reminded me how far behind I am on posting pictures. Speaking of which, who wants to see some Seed Art?
Tags: politics

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