Aaron (coprock) wrote,

So Bad It's Good?

I went to Best Buy today to pick up a spare power adapter for the new laptop. I had various Reward Zone coupons and certificates to redeem so it seemed like a reasonable plan.

Anyway, the cashier had trouble making the cash register accept the $10 off coupon. It showed up on the screen, but it didn't actually take $10 off. She struggled with it for a little while, then called a manager over for help. He didn't think she could fix it at that point so he suggested she finalize the order, then take me over to customer service and do an exchange to get the $10 discount figured out.

So, I paid $10 more than I should have, then we walked over to the customer service desk to do the exchange. She poked at the cash register for a while, then called another manager (or some sort of higher-up) over to help with the exchange. The other manager tried to figure it out, then gave up and had the cashier send it through the way the cash register wanted to do it. If I read the receipt correctly, it looks like I will have given them $60 in store credit and a $10 coupon and they gave me back $40 in store credit and an 85 watt laptop power adapter.

On the way back to the office from Best Buy a car spun out in front of me. It's snowy and all, but this person was turning left at a stop sign and apparently decided they really needed to go for it and spun out.

We're now in the time of year where I get annoyed at the neighbors across the street for parking outside our house so that the road doesn't get very well plowed. (New neighbors this year, same parking habits.)

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