Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Bartending Is Hard

We went out to dinner tonight with kalmn and some other folks. monstersocks ordered a rum & coke and I ordered a kamikaze (off of the bar menu). The waitress wasn't familiar with the drink name. It turned out the bartender wasn't there so the waitress was making drinks and there was a limit to the drinks she knew how to make.

I figured I'd go for something simple and ordered a gin & tonic. She left, then came back later and reported she didn't know how to make that.

So, I picked a drink off the bar menu that she reported she knew how to make, a screwdriver. Two ingredients, how hard could it be? Anyway, she eventually showed up with my "screwdriver". It didn't look like it contained orange juice, although I would have believed some sort of Tang™. I asked what was in the "screwdriver" and she reported the ingredients: Absolut™ vodka, pineapple juice and grenadine. It was confusing but tasty.

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