Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Back To The Future

Our internet connection went out Saturday night and was down all of Sunday (and our cable was a little twitchy too). I called Comcast assuming I'd be told they were aware of problems in the area, etc, but instead I got walked through rebooting the cable box and then they scheduled a service appointment for today. At the end of the call the helpful rep tried to sell me on their digital phone service. Who wouldn't want an additional service from a company that's failing to provide what you're already paying for? It's weird to have no internet access other than my phone.

I took the day off for the appointment (I'll usually work from home if we're getting some sort of work done, but that doesn't work when there isn't an active internet connection). The tech showed up inside the promised window and got things figured out pretty quickly. Apparently one of our neighbors had spliced into the cable line on the telephone pole, reducing the quality of our signal enough that our cable modem wouldn't work.

I still had to make a quick run into the office later in the day to get some Mother's Day gifts so I could drop them off at the post office.

This weekend we watched Cars. I wasn't so sure about Ratatouille but I ended up liking that one. I never really warmed up to Cars. It still seems like a lame contractual obligation movie that they put together as the last film in their original deal with Disney.

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