Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Dr. Cupid

I saw the new Star Trek movie recently. I thought it was very good, although there definitely wasn't enough Scotty. The new McCoy was very good, although I felt a little bad that I didn't recognize him from his previous work (Eomer, Cupid, etc.). I found most of the other actors fit into their roles well (I was worried it would be hard to separate Spock from pointy eared Sylar), although Harold or Kumar kept looking like Harold or Kumar. I'll avoid any significant discussion of the film to avoid spoilers.

I tried out the demo for the new Wolverine game for the 360 yesterday. It's a good length for a demo, enough to give you a good idea of the game but not enough to really satisfy. It's pretty much God of War with Wolverine instead of Kratos, but that isn't really a bad thing.

We went out to the Northstar Rollergirls championship bout this weekend and got to see Δ Δ Di (and our favorite player Wanda Gogh?) win the championship. It had a slightly rougher feel than the MNRG bout we saw, partially because the space had a less permanent feel to it (convention center v. auditorium), but it was easier to keep track of the action. I'm not sure if that was because we were sitting closer (but still not trackside) or if it was because we'd seen roller derby more recently. Both bouts were also closer than when we went to see the MNRG.

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