Aaron (coprock) wrote,

It's beginning to look a lot like summer

Good holiday weekend, a nice chance to recharge the batteries after a busy few weeks.

Friday we watched Death At A Funeral to see some whimsical Tudyk.

Saturday monstersocks was out and about while I puttered around the house dealing with some unread mail (I have a disappointing tendency to let the mail accumulate for a while instead of just dealing with it when it arrives) before getting into X-Men Origins: Wolverine for the 360. Conceptually the gameplay is a complete rip-off of God of War, but it's still a lot of fun. Definitely one of the better superhero games I've played (although I've heard good things about inFamous and will see how that compares). Later on we made yakitori and popovers with a blueberry feta salad. (Which reminds me we should really go back to Obento-Ya sometime soon.)

Sunday monstersocks made a cheesecake to bring over to her parents' house and let the magic smoke out of our microwave. (She was just melting some chocolate when all of a sudden she heard a weird noise and smelled something electrical burning. The microwave will be going to live on a farm later this week.) I made some chocolate chip cookies later that evening to bring to the BBQ on Monday. I considered doing some sort of silly bacon dessert something but decided to go with something a little simpler (that didn't require a warning label and that monstersocks would eat).

Today we went out to briangee and watterflower's annual BBQ and had a good time eating the food and hanging out with the assembled folks (typhoid, springbok1, 433 and others) and some old college folks (my sophomore year RA Anna, Cabbageball and Geoff).

Tomorrow brings the start of an abbreviated work week and a quest to find a new home for the couch we will be replacing on Thursday.

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