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Cutting Edge 
17th-Jun-2009 05:23 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
I installed the 3.0 update on my iPhone today. No problems so far and I really like the fact that the Calendar app is suddenly useful to me with the update (you can now sync with CalDav calendars like the Google calendar that monstersocks and I use for scheduling everything). The 67 page updated license agreement was a bit ridiculous (required before downloading app updates, although I guess I didn't really have to read it).

Fortunately (for my wallet) I can't get a reasonably priced new iPhone until the end of the year (2 year contract, etc.) so I'll probably just stick with my current one until the next revision.

The latest Delicious Library update was just what I've been wanting from them forever. I can finally have a list of all my media easily accessible on my phone so I'm less likely to buy something I already have (stupid thriftiness).

The late betas of Firefox 3.5 are much nicer on my laptop. Once you get used to multi-touch control it's hard to go back to something that doesn't fully support it.
18th-Jun-2009 01:13 pm (UTC)
I get my new phone tomorrow. If you were coming to the party, you could look at it. You probably couldn't touch it, but you could look at it.
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