Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Annual Socialism

Pictures from CONvergence 2009 are online (and on Facebook but there are fewer there). CONvergence was good this year, but it felt like it was spread a little thin. Four days worked for the big anniversary year but I think three days works better in general. Random events of CON included Connie's Space Lounge for the black light fashion show & cabaret, tasty treats at the Deadly Delights party room, the cast of Cinematic Titanic (former MST3K crew, minus the guys who are now doing RiffTrax), watching Spooky Spooky Scary Scary, THAC0 and Fright Night at Cinema Rex (minus the chatty anime kids who hate Leprechaun and Teen Wolf), getting a chance to hang out with various folks including eriker and typhoid, etc.

monstersocks and kalmn threw a baby shower for lexiphanic at the house today. I was exiled to Inver Grove Heights where I watched Transformers. Once again, not enough robots and way too much LeBouf. It was good that they used Soundwave, but Sideswipe is a Lamborghini dammit, not a random Chevy something.
Tags: convergence, movies, pictures
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