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Had a great time on vacation. I flew down to Tennessee without any significant problems. My brother and sister-in-law came down the next day. Saw The Two Towers. Very good (not sure why they used a digital Gollum when Steve Buscemi could have done just as well). Unfortunately we got to the theater a bit late so we had to split up and find separate seats (I really hate showing up to a movie late and bothering the people who managed to get there on time.)
monstersocks came down on the 26th despite various travel related obstacles (her flights were cancelled so she got in about five hours later than originally planned, and we still had a three hour plus drive after picking her up at the airport.)
I got to spend lots of time visiting with my family and eating really good meals. Got plenty of books and other gifts that have taken over my coffee table. Took way too many pictures, hopefully I'll get some online someday (but SuperGame and heidiz's farewell party come first.)
My family really liked the picture books I put together using iPhoto. My grandmother kept asking how I'd made something like that. I scanned a bunch of old family pictures while on vacation that I can probably use for similar projects in the future. (Apparently iPhoto 2 was just announced, maybe it'll have even more cool stuff.)
We didn't do anything particularly exciting for New Year's. Both of my parents went to sleep before midnight so it was just me and monstersocks.
We returned on the 2nd which meant the new security rules were in effect. Both of us had our checked luggage thoroughly searched. An alarm was set off by the shampoo in monstersocks's bag. They took down her name and address and suggested she carry her shampoo on the plane in the future.
I took Friday off too but ended up going into work to resolve a minor y2k3 issue we had. (Some programmers have very little foresight).

Various other interesting things:
  • EMF's song "Unbelievable" uses a sample from Andrew "Dice" Clay.
  • 7Up has a new, green, caffeinated variant with an upside down logo.
  • lj's spell checker suggests "decaffeinated" as an alternative for "caffeinated" which it doesn't like.

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