Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Recent Travels

I went out to Baltimore last weekend for my cousin's bachelor party. We went to the Preakness. I actually just about broke even when betting, except for the money I lost on the horse owned by a fellow Macalester alumni. (My method for winning- I came up with a ridiculous rationale for betting on a race, then tried to bet that way, then bet on the longshot instead when the rationale didn't work out and won.)

Way more sun than I'm used to, but I appear to have applied enough sunscreen.

There was a little wandering between bars in Baltimore before settling down in a hotel bar that seemed to be hosting the guests of a couple of weddings.

I also got to see my brother and cousins, including my youngest cousin Walter. He appeared briefly early on, then went back home.

I brought my netbook with me (still no iPad). The netbook is definitely slow and clunky compared to an iPad, but I can log on to the VPN at work with the netbook when necessary. I also wouldn't feel nearly as bad if the netbook were stolen from a hotel room as I would with an iPad.

One other advantage of the netbook- I could watch Season 1 episodes of the IT Crowd with commentary by playing the separate audio file along with the video file. Using VLC with that option makes me think buying some of the Rifftrax commentaries might be worthwhile.

The prior weekend we made a quick trip up to Virginia MN, including several hours of driving in the snow.

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