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Can't trust it

Well, the pictures from SuperGame III made it up but unfortunately there were a few technicial difficulties with the pictures from SuperGame IV and almost all were lost. Sorry.

I spent most of Saturday cleaning and stuff as I mentioned earlier. Saturday night monstersocks and I went to Midori's Floating World Café. We ended up running into kalmn and her husband so we had dinner together. The food was very good but the service was a bit slow (partially due to one of the patrons stealing our sushi order so he could look at the menu.) I tried the Wild Hawaiian Roll (pineapple, cream cheese and Spam). Not bad, but it mostly just tasted like pineapple. Another (minor) problem is that we sat kind of close to the door and it got very cold every time someone came in or went out.

After dinner we stopped by the Krispy Kreme at the MoA to pick up doughnuts for SuperGame IV.

We arrived just a little bit late for SuperGame IV, but the only person who'd already arrived was sxoidmal who showed up quite a bit early and had been reading books in the apartment while waiting. Shortly thereafter 433, hedgiewan and eriker arrived. We all sat around for a while before jodi finally showed up (she'd been stuck at her play.)

SuperGame IV was plenty of fun (my teams won both rounds) although some people didn't appreciate the MASH trivia game. Gwen loves SuperGame.

I took a few pictures with monstersocks's camera, but when I got home (latelatelate) and tried to use my card reader to import them I couldn't. I tried several things and none of them worked. Eventually the card stopped being recognized by the computer so I was left with just the first five pictures I took. I need to experiment a little more and see if the card reader is just broken or if it's only a problem with Secure Digital cards.

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