Aaron (coprock) wrote,

It's done

So, I won Vice City this weekend. I'd been putting off some of the missions that I thought might lead to the end, then all of a sudden I got a couple missions and it was over.

The final mission seemed a lot easier than in GTA3.

As much as it pissed me off that I had all of my weapons taken away at the end of GTA3 it did make the final mission a lot tougher. With Vice City it took a couple of tries and a few rockets but it was mostly just a big fire fight. I'd expected the bosses from up North to come down and dispatch missions for a while before getting taken down.
It did feel good to finally take out Lance Vance. I'd been hoping the end of Vice City would be something like the end of GTA3 where there's a happy ending and you walk off and then shoot whatshername. At least Lance didn't make it through the game.

I still have the Malibu missions and the Studio missions to finish along with the Sunshine Auto lists (currently looking for a Sabre and not having much luck, but I haven't had the trouble I had finding an Esperanto yet.)

I finally tried THPS4. So far I haven't been too impressed. I really liked the previous versions but this one just really hasn't grabbed me yet. Most of the music isn't that great and I haven't gotten used to the new mission scheme yet.

The weather was very pretty this morning on the way to work. Half of the parking lot still isn't plowed so I had to park around the side of the building.

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