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So, the Service Engine Soon light came on in my car today when I was leaving the apartment. I need to try and make an appointment tomorrow to get it checked out. The first time it came on (when the car was under warranty) it required several thousand dollars in repairs to the engine. Last time it came on it was a faulty O2 sensor which was fixed pretty easily. The uncertainty of which this will be is the main problem. The car is six years old so I doubt I'd be interested in paying several thousand dollars to get the engine repaired if it needs it. I'm also not really excited about finding another car. Bah.

Other than that it's been a good weekend. monstersocks came over and we watched big piles of TiVoed TV this weekend (CSIs, Angel, ER, Osbournes, I Love The 80s). monstersocks made me a coconut candy bar cake on Saturday for last Valentine's Day. It was very good but it took her most of the day to do it. We didn't get out of the apartment until it got dark on Saturday (I view that as an accomplishment, she views it as a problem.)

I played more Vice City this weekend. I like the Hunter. Got up to Vigilante level twenty something before stopping for dinner. It's kind of easier than in the car, but the camera is tough to control and makes it a bit hard to aim. I finished the Sunshine Autos missions this weekend too.

Oh, and TiVo announced an upgrade program this weekend for series 1 owners so that they can transfer their lifetime service to a new 80 hour series 2 TiVo, so I may very well be getting an upgrade soon (as long as my car trouble doesn't bankrupt me.)

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