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F*ckin' Cops 
14th-Feb-2003 10:51 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
I was driving to work this morning and was passed by one of St. Anthony/Lauderdale's finest and the phrase "Fuckin' Cops" just sprang to mind and all of a sudden I really wanted to see The Usual Suspects. I love that movie. Every now and then I just feel a need to see some of my favorite movies, like The Frighteners or The Princess Bride. That's a bit part of why I have way too many DVDs.

Anyway, today is Valentine's day. I'm cooking dinner tonight and made dessert last night. Hopefully it'll all be good (and it should be at the very least on the healthier side of things, 'though if the dessert doesn't turn out well I may just bake some cookies.) I got a little Care Bear valentine from one of our Dispatchers along with a little chocolate heart. (irrelevant trivia- this Dispatcher knew the loser of the first Survivor, Kelly Wigglesworth, when she was growing up in Iowa.)

I ordered digital cable and a cable modem yesterday. One or both should be installed next Thursday. I currently have SDSL which is nicer than dial up but almost twice as expensive as the cable modem will be. It's also much slower than the cable modem. I'll have them both hooked up at the same time so I can make sure it's worth the switch. I may also switch over to phone service over my cable connection too.

I finally made the leap to digital cable because I've got a new TiVo coming. TiVo's offering an upgrade program for owners of series 1 TiVos which made it a bit cheaper to make the switch. It's still going to be a bit of a pain moving everything over and reconfiguring the new machine, but the added capacity, speed and future features should make up for it. I still need to figure out how I want to configure things while making the switch since I've got plenty of content I still need to watch on the old TiVo. I may have to finally disconnect my N64 for a while.

TiVo is incredibly cool, but I tend to be a bit hesitant in pushing it to people because of the cost. I've definitely gotten far more use out of my TiVo than I have my DVD player or even my PS2 and it makes cable a lot more reasonable since you can actually find the good stuff that's on, but it is really expensive. A new TiVo costs $250-$350 depending on capacity (and that's after a $50 rebate) plus you have to buy service ($13/month or $250 lifetime before the end of this month, $300 lifetime after the end of this month). That's a lot of money to spend for something that helps you watch TV. Hell, you could buy ten VCRs and plenty of blank tapes for that kind of money. Still, you can't really understand just how much better TiVo is than usual TV until you've used it yourself.

So, I was watching Futurama this morning (The Deep South) and Professor Farnsworth said his catchphrase but they muted the word "Jesus" even though you could see his lips moving after he said "Sweet Zombie..." Apparently The Cartoon Network doesn't allow "bad" words like "Jesus" while Fox is all in favor of nasty, dirty words like "Jesus".

14th-Feb-2003 02:23 pm (UTC)
I'm appalled that you would use such a dirty word in your journal. I really don't like to hear that kind of language, you mother fucker.

14th-Feb-2003 03:09 pm (UTC) - All 7
I'm sorry, I shouldn't be posting this kind of shit1. I should have realized it might piss2 off some people who don't give a fuck3 what you're saying, they just don't want to hear language like that. Some cunt4s and cocksucker5s will use whatever language they please without considering what kind of motherfucker6s might be reading their stuff.

I can't think of a plausible reason to use the word tits7 though.
15th-Feb-2003 02:58 am (UTC) - Re: All 7
Hah, well done. You forgot ass, though.
15th-Feb-2003 10:39 pm (UTC) - Re: All 7
Actually I was just going for George Carlin's original "Seven Dirty Words".
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