Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Death's too good for them

So, monstersocks and I went to see The Recruit this afternoon. The movie was good, the audience wasn't.

I keep wondering if these people think it's reasonable to bring small (3 years old maybe) children to a PG-13 movie where they'll spend most of their time wriggling in the seat, begging their parents for treats and crying. The parents hauled the kids out of the theater several times then brought them back in (the two eight-ish year olds were much better behaved). If I had kids like that I wouldn't bring them to a theater. Bad parents get bad kids.

We also went to the Apple store so I could look at the iBooks and Powerbooks. It seemed like the iBooks were actually faster than the Powerbooks in iPhoto, but I think that may have been due to the memory configurations (256 for the Powerbooks, 384 for the iBooks). I plan on upgrading the memory in whichever laptop I buy so it'd be nice to be able to compare the two on more even ground.

I need to archive files on my iBook and scrub it tomorrow in preparation for the sale on Monday.

Maybe dinner at El Meson tomorrow.

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