Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Everything Must Go

Tonight I am going to regain momentum and start cleaning my apartment again. I will get my entertainment center put back together and reduce the clutter in my living room. I will throw things away that I don't want to. I will make some progress on creating some sort of system for dealing with my files. I will open Moe's Bar with Duffman. I will sort through the clothes in my front closet and get rid of things I've never worn or will never wear.

One of the best reasons I don't own a gun.

monstersocks and I went to El Mesón on Sunday for dinner. I had the garlic soup and chicken and rice. Very good but I felt somewhat totally infused with garlic for the next day or so.

Still trying to decide between an iBook and a Powerbook. I think I've decided I want the Powerbook but I haven't figured out if I can justify the price difference between it and the iBook since I could certainly get by with the iBook.

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