Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Every little bit helps

Didn't get as much done as I'd hoped tonight but I did get a little bit done. Dealt with the stack of stuff that grows on my kitchen counter (junk mail, etc.) and half filled a bag with clothes for Goodwill. Got distracted for a while getting my phone synched with my Mac (I had been synching with my iBook so I had to reconfigure it and poke at things for a while to get it all working). I think I'm going to try and hold off on a new laptop for a while. Apple generally releases new iBooks in May and they might update the 12" Powerbook around that time (I'm guessing they want to keep it faster than the high end iBooks). Maybe new iBooks will have cool enough features that I'll want one instead of a Powerbook. Investigated the SJ-33 and necessary accessories.
Heading out to see The Two Towers this weekend with monstersocks and hopefully have dinner at CPK.
I'm experimenting with some of this peer-to-peer file sharing stuff to try and get some episodes of Firefly in a useful format. Not much luck so far.
Sleep soon.

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