Aaron (coprock) wrote,


So, last night a little before I went to sleep I heard my downstairs neighbor yelling on the phone. I couldn't make out much of it, I could just tell that he was yelling. I think I heard the phrase "green beer" at least once. Anyway, I thought about dropping by to ask him to keep it down (this was about 12:30am) but decided to let things be and not mention it unless he bothers me again.

After work tonight monstersocks and I walked around Como Lake and then went out for dinner at Bascali's. Fine food.

I came back here and spent much of the rest of the evening cleaning and rearranging. I finally moved one of the dressers in my bedroom back where I wanted it (it blocks the phone jack so I moved it a while back so the guy from the phone company could get to the jack eventually.) I also moved a bookcase that mostly held ancient magazines out and into the dining room where it will hopefully prove slightly more useful. My stereo is set up in the bedroom again but I still don't have decent speakers for it. Unfortunately now I need to sort through the old magazines and get rid of most of them if not all of them. (The current top of the pile is a Newsweek from February of 2001 and they just get older the further down you go.)

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