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A river in Egypt

I didn't accomplish much cleaning last night. I rearranged things a little in the bedroom to get my hamper out of the way but that was about it. I just left the huge pile of magazines alone for a night. Didn't watch the news at all, just played videogames and played with my TiVo.
I tried playing around with http://www.blogger.com/ yesterday and couldn't get it to work at all, then later that day it suddenly started working.
I don't remember if I've mentioned this yet but I'm going to be taking down some of my web galleries soon. I keep some of them on the web space provided by my DSL provider and I'm going to be cancelling that service soon (my cable modem is so much faster than my old SDSL line.) I think both CONvergence galleries are on that site. I may put them on some of my other space. The weather's also getting nicer so I might try and take some pictures sometime soon (I haven't done much with my fancy digital camera aside from trying to diagnose problems in my apartment with my infrared repeater lately).
My iPod is still one of my best gadget purchases ever.

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