Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Bitching and Complaining:
  • I got a new cellphone back in December (one of those "free after rebate" deals) and I finally found out yesterday that my rebate wasn't accepted because I supposedly didn't submit a valid sales receipt (the rebate form requested the "packing slip" which I did include). Thieving bastards.

  • I dropped off my DVD player to get a few minor problems fixed (my extended warranty ends next month) and after two weeks I called to see if I could pick it up yet. Apparently it might by ready by Monday.

  • Apple's pushed back their WWDC another month so it isn't until late June. (I was going to try and wait until after the WWDC to buy my new laptop so I could see if they brought out anything particularly interesting. Two months sounds much easier to wait than three.)

Oh, and my downstairs neighbor who goes to bed so early and is such a light sleeper that he's asked me not to walk into my bedroom after 10PM had a party last night with loud music and raised voices at 10:30pm and with raised voices after 11PM. (I could hear him at one point complaining about his upstairs neighbor who walks around all night and how the apartment complex wouldn't let him move directly into another apartment, they wanted him to move out at the end of the month and then move in on the first of the month.) I didn't complain about the noise because I'm a better person than he is, but I'll remember it if he bothers me again.

Not really sure what this weekend will bring. monstersocks and I had discussed seeing Dreamcatcher or that Mike Myers movie but I don't know if that will happen or not.

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