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Getting better all the time

Today was a much busier day than one of my usual Saturdays.

Got up early and had breakfast at the Highland Grill. It's the second time I've been and I should definitely try to get back again sooner.
Next we went to Como Zoo. If I were more efficient I'd have some pictures up, but I'm not. (Or maybe I am. We saw lions and tigers and bears (and Monkeys!)
After the zoo monstersocks and I stopped at my apartment and watched a little TV before moving on to Rosedale for some wandering and shopping. I bought several games at the collapsing Wizards of the Coast location: Zombies!!!, Chez Geek, Shot Recipe Jumbo Playing Cards and Gregory Horror Show Collectible Game Experience. Hopefully at least some of it will be fun.
Once we'd had enough shopping we headed to Old Chicago for dinner. The calzones were good, but the sports bar aspect during the NCAA tournament wasn't so great.
The day ended with a viewing of Primal Fear at chez monstersocks. I thought it was enjoyable if a bit predictable (and just what was Wil Wheaton thinking when he turned down Edward Norton's role?)
Oh, I also got a letter from the people who were supposedly fixing my DVD player. They've decided to replace it instead of fixing it (exactly what the guy I talked to on the phone said they weren't doing) and they're apparently going to contact me sometime to let me know what I need to do. I'll probably just call tomorrow and see if I can get a DVD player again.

On Friday I gave monstersocks a new hard drive for her computer so she can start encoding all of her CDs in case she ever gets an iPod. I also got a new digital camera. (I still really like my G3 but I also wanted a smaller camera I can just stick in a pocket or something and have with me more often.) I actually ordered a different camera but Dell cancelled my order for that camera because they claimed it was discontinued. After talking to an actual helpful customer service rep they replaced the order with a new one for the better camera at the same price. One cool feature of the S230 is that it can do better (higher resolution) movies than the G3 can. It's also even smaller than my iPod.

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