Aaron (coprock) wrote,

The Accident

So, I was driving home yesterday and a warning light came on in my car. Apparently the alternator/generator was telling me that it was shot and needed to be replaced. I called my dealership and arranged to bring the car in that night and have them take a look at it.
I dropped the car off and picked up a rental car, a Dodge Neon. I picked up dinner for monstersocks and me and headed home on Snelling. As I got close to the Highway 36 overpass I noticed some police cars and wondered if komatoast was getting busted again. It looked like they were handling an accident on Northbound Snelling. Once I got onto the overpass several cars ahead of me started swerving all over the road. I hit the brakes in an attempt to avoid hitting any of them and spun out onto the median. I got out of the car and looked at it to make sure it was okay. Then I noticed another car swerving which hit the Neon and skidded to a stop about sixty feet down the road. I went over to the other car to check on the driver. We talked a bit making sure we were both okay (she looked a bit familiar and did in fact go to Macalester.) A cop came by and told us they weren't filling out accident reports because there were too many and that we should just exchange insurance information and move our cars if possible.
So, I took a few pictures of the scene (it was pretty dark so they didn't turn out that great but a little tweaking of the Levels did produce some useful detail), we exchanged information and I slowly limped home in the Neon.

This morning I got to spend some time on the phone with the rental car company and the insurance company. I also got to pick up my car which has a brand new generator, new rear brakes and a fixed passenger side door seal.

And that's my story.

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