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Ain't there nothin' I can take? 
11th-Apr-2003 04:35 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
I went to the doctor today to make sure the neck pain I've been experiencing since the accident last week wasn't anything serious. I discovered that I'm a lot taller than the usual patients they x-ray at my clinic (I had to slouch down/squat so they could get my neck) and they also don't seem to be particularly skilled at taking x-rays (to get the three x-rays the doctor wanted it required seven x-rays total, each pose was done at least twice.)

The x-rays looked good, nothing fractured or out of alignment. The doctor thinks I may have sprained some of the ligaments in my neck, causing the minor pain I've been experiencing for the past week. He suggested applying
heat twice a day and doing some basic stretching exercises once a day.

Not sure what all this weekend will entail. Most of it is pretty up in the air. I should get my living room cleaned up for my brother's visit though.
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