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18th-Apr-2003 06:32 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
I think I'd snap if I had to work at the post office. I was stuck in line behind a woman who needed Change of Address forms explained to her in great detail today. I had to pick up a certified letter from my insurance company explaining the car I was in in my accident might not be covered but it gave a list of the types of cars covered and it was in the list so I called and it was just a standard thing they send out. Bah.

According to http://www.nwa.com/ my brother's plane will be arriving half an hour early so I'm going to have to leave earlier than planned so he doesn't get stuck sitting around at the airport (assuming they're correct about the arrival time).

Driving to Fargo tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a fun trip. T-Mobile supposedly has coverage all the way out there.

Cleaned the apartment some this week and got my liquor moved into the bar I bought last year or something. Cleaned my car too (now there's room for more than two people to sit.)
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