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Minority Report 
12th-Jul-2002 08:57 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
monstersocks and I saw Minority Report last night. I really enjoyed it. It was an interesting vision of the future, with some fun actors. I was actually surprised at the whimsy quotient of the film, it was much higher than I was expecting. I had a couple of questions about the main plot, and there were some interesting ideas about pre-crime that I didn't think they really explored fully enough, but it was quite enjoyable.

We saw the 10:45pm showing at the Showplace 16 in Inver Grove Heights. After fifteen minutes of commercials and previews (they showed the Daredevil teaser- my first thought was, "Why is someone sitting on a building dressed like Batmanuel ?") and two hours and fifteen minutes of movie, we left what seemed like an empty theater. We didn't see a single person as we left, and there was one car left in the parking lot other than ours, and it looked like it might have been parked by the nearby bar. I kind of regret not taking the opportunity to just run around like an idiot and see if anyone was still inside the building.

Today monstersocks and I are going to the Science Museum to see the new Space Station movie.
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