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Stupid stupid collection people 
27th-May-2003 09:17 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Got a call tonight from a collection agency. According to the man I talked to, Aerial/Voicestream/T-Mobile thought I owed them about $500. He seemed to think I'd started an account in November of 2000 and cancelled in February of 2001. I did in fact have Aerial/Voicestream service a few years ago so I assumed they actually thought I owed them money. Since I happened to be in front of my computer I checked when I'd actually signed up with Aerial and discovered it was back in November of 1999. I'd also been a member for over a year. When I mentioned that I was currently a customer of T-Mobile the collections agent gave me the account information so that I could contact them and try to resolve the issue.
Before I hung up I decided to check and make sure that they were actually looking for me. I asked for the full name on the account and all they had was a first and last name. The collections agent then proceeded to tell me this person's social security number(!) and birthdate, neither of which matched my own. So, I was able to confirm that I was not that person and he said he'd forward the account to management with a note that they'd found the wrong person.
I called their office a little while later to let them know that he'd told me the social security number and birthdate of one of their customers. If I'd actually recorded any of that information it wouldn't be hard for me to impersonate this person especially since we share the same first and last names.
I need to remember to check my credit report sometime soon to make sure that this doesn't show up there.
28th-May-2003 04:50 pm (UTC)
I have collection agencies after me on behalf of MCI and Qwest and now Sprint PCS is sending me emails that my invoice is availible online when I cancelled my phone in February!
Phone companies suck.
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