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Long week 
13th-Jun-2003 12:14 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Busy week so far. Apparently there's a new windows virus since I got 68 infected email messages today (not nearly as bad as it would be without Postini).

Brought doughnuts to a potluck tonight. It was a good time, but not too great on the potluck front (a nice casserole, my doughnuts and some cookies were about the extent of it.)

I've got some travel coming up later this year. I'll be flying down to Tennessee in early August so I can hike up LeConte again, then I'll go back home in September to throw away as much of my old stuff as I can. I was also vaguely considering some sort of trip in October but I probably won't get around to doing anything.

It's late, I should get stuff ready and head to bed.
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