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Pretty Good Weekend 
22nd-Jun-2003 08:09 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Finally finished watching Secretary on Friday night.

Got up early on Saturday. I'd wanted to try and see a double feature of The Matrix and The Hulk but I couldn't make that work with my dinner plans. Instead I watched a few DVDs at home: Die Another Day, Resident Evil, A View To A Kill and Cabin Boy. I think the reviews I'd heard of Die Another Day had been somewhat mixed but I liked it, except for Madonna and Halle Berry stinking up the film. Halle Berry wasn't nearly as bad as I thought she'd be though. I thought Resident Evil was a really good video game movie (which could be good or bad depending on your perspective.) A View To A Kill was good but definitely dated. The fight scenes weren't nearly as good as the ones in Die Another Day. Cabin Boy was excellent as always.
After the movies I went out to dinner at Singapore Chinese Cuisine with monstersocks and eriker. It was a very good meal (I stayed on the not so spicy side of the menu but I may try something more adventurous next time.)
After dinner we decided to go see a movie but I didn't have current listings for nearby theaters. We made our way to the Carmike Oakdale 20 (which might not have been the theater we were aiming for) and finally decided to see Finding Nemo. It was good (but definitely the darkest beginning of a children's movie I can remember.)
In other news, two boxes of my old clothes showed up from my parents. I haven't opened them yet but they're sure to hold some interesting memories.
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