Aaron (coprock) wrote,

WWDC Keynote Thoughts

The Good:
Exposé looks cool.
New dev tools look cool.
Fast user switching looks and sounds cool.
Video chat with a cool new firewire camera.
Safari 1.0 is out now.
The new G5 Power Macs look so cool that I actually considered buying one for a minute. They're also supposed to be only half as loudas the current machines.

The Bad:
No new Powerbooks. (Hopefully they just didn't want to steal the thunder of 10.3 or the new G5 tower machines and there will be Powerbook updates soon.)
New towers aren't shipping for several months.
New towers cost $300-$500 more than the old ones (although they do all include Superdrives now.) The entry level machine has gone from $1500 to $2000 (although you can get it for $1800 if you switch out the Superdrive and replaces it with a Combo drive.)
Entry level G5 is fundamentally different than the other two models (different ram, different expansion type, not sure if there's anything else but it would make me hesitant to get one.)
I still haven't used iChat 1.0 so I doubt I'd use iChat AV very often. The first person I can imagine using it with only has a 450MHz G3 so she can't even use iChat AV.

The Ugly:
10.3 might not be out until the end of the year.
10.3 is another full price upgrade- no discount for previous OS X owners. I don't expect a $20 update, but I'd like to see some sort of discount for previous owners. I'll probably just end up getting either the household pack or buying a Powerbook after it comes out.

We've got plenty of time before these new machines ship (August or September from what I've seen so far) so there's plenty of time for additional updates to the rest of their product line. I can't see them sticking with a 1GHz G4 for long in their Powerbooks with the G5 towers starting at 1.6GHz.

I'd love to pick up a 1.6GHz G5 15" Powerbook with iSight (if I could afford such a combination when it exists) but I may end up just going with an iBook (unless I win the Powerball lottery this week.)

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