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Not much progress 
26th-Jun-2003 11:08 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Still trying to get rid of stuff but it's slow going.

For some reason I felt even more wiped out after the gym last night than usual.

I spent a while last night trying to make the "Internet Only EP" on the new Liz Phair album work. I finally got it to play by booting into OS 9 but that's pretty annoying. It's also hard to do much of anything with the .asf files at that point anyway. I got MP3s of them anyway and they're pretty good. Much less "Pop" than the rest of the main album. Those songs seem like they'd be really suited to the iTunes Music Store. The DRM used there is a lot less obnoxious than the Windows Media DRM they used for the Liz Phair EP songs. I wonder if we'll see many albums released exclusively online (since there's no physical cost, no inventory to carry, etc.)

26th-Jun-2003 10:16 pm (UTC)
I was looking through your journal and I noticed that you like comic books. I'm helping a friend of mine sell some of his and some of his artwork.
Maybe we can talk or something.
You can message me at:
Yahoo: kelliz_2001
AOL: kelly dorkie
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