Aaron (coprock) wrote,

4 in the mornin'

So, my phone rang at 4am today. Fortunately I wasn't awake and I don't answer the phone at that hour so I don't really know who was calling and I fell asleep pretty soon after. I didn't recognize the name or number this morning so it was probably just a wrong number (there was no message.)

Dinner last night was very good as previously mentioned but it was also pretty long so I didn't get home until a bit late.

CONvergence this year was good but a little disappointing. I overdid it a bit on Friday which dampened my enthusiasm for Saturday a little. I think the whole "need to be gone by noon" thing also dampened Sunday a bit. I was also disappointed about the last minute guest change. No offense to Michael Sheard or anybody else but I'd mostly wanted to see the guest who canceled. Next year sounds a bit more interesting on the guest front with Larry Niven and David Gerrold (although I don't really think Gerrold should be doing any conventions until he finishes the damn Chtorr series.)

On brighter notes the new Vice City was plenty of fun (I found some time to play a little Typing of the Dead and Thrill Kill) and the Toast room and COF2E2 were also very helpful. Now I know how good Tang Toast is. It was good to see distant acquaintances (heidiz, laserbitch, cairo, etc.) even though I only got to wave at some as they passed by. I really don't understand the whole 5 day con thing (I went to closing ceremony this time.) Sure CONvergence is a lot of fun but I think it'd be less fun at 5 days than it is at 3 days. A 5 day con would be more expensive for people putting on room parties and I think it'd just end up stretching the fun that already exists even more thinly so you have a worse convention.

I don't want to make any promises I can't keep, but I'm going to try and have some pictures up this week.

I saw a kind of strange ad on TV last night.

Oh, and I watched Comedy Central's presentation of Bigger, Longer and Uncut. I'd originally planned to record it just to see how they were going to edit it to make it safe for TV but it turns out they didn't. They showed the entire uncut movie (except for the bit at the end with Ike in the attic.) Kind of stupid to watch the TV version instead of my DVD but it was just easy with the TiVo.

Plenty of movies I want to see or see again right now (Hulk, X2, Matrix-Imax, etc.) I don't know if I want to see 28 days later or not though. I initially read one really bad review (beware, spoilers) but lately I've been seeing some more positive reviews.

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