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Hi there.

I was born in North Carolina and lived there for eighteen and a half years. I came to Minnesota in 1992 to attend Macalester College and graduated in 1996. I've stuck around for a little while, working in Roseville MN.

5, adult swim, apple, apple computer, army of darkness, bad musicals, bad reality tv, battle arena toshinden, black, boondocks, bowling, bruce campbell, buffy, burgers, caffeinated peppermints, caffeine, calvin and hobbes, camper van beethoven, candy, cannibal- the musical, carolina friends school, cartoons, cfs, chow yun-fat, comic books, comics, computers, concision, cop rock, cvb, diesel sweeties, digital photography, douglas adams, dvd, dvds, edward gorey, efficiency, evil dead, evil dead ii, fight club, firefly, frighteners, gadgets, garth ennis, gir, grand theft auto 3, groo, gta3, hong kong cinema, hudson hawk, hybrid cars, indian food, invader zim, ipod, jeffrey combs, jet li, jethro tull, john woo, johnen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, joss whedon, kids in the hall, krispy kreme, little wooden boy, liz phair, long lists of words, mac os x, macalester, macalester college, macintosh, matt stone, max headroom, meat, misfits of science, monkey ball, monkeys, mount leconte, muppets, neil gaiman, online comics, only the strong, orgazmo, palmos, penny arcade, phrenology, pixies, pogues, preacher, primus, prius, ps2, psp, puppets, reading, rockstar games, sam raimi, sarcasm, saturns, sci-fi, science fiction, serenity, sergio aragones, sifl and olly, simpsons, sock puppets, something positive, south park, south park studios, space ghost, squee, star wars, steak, steaks, strangers in paradise, sugar, super monkey ball, super monkey ball 2, super monkey ball jr, sushi, t-bone walker, technology, the big lebowski, the daily show, the simpsons, the tick, tom hanks sitcoms, topless oncology, tori amos, toys, treo, treo 650, trey parker, tv, twin peaks, vice city, video games, yoga

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